Want to do a "Penpal Journal"?

Hello to all my penpals (or soon to be penpals) out there! Are you into journaling? Scrapbooking?Photography? Penpalling? Then you have come to the right post! :cool rsvd: I recently saw a blog where somebody created penpal journals to get to know their penpals and I thought it was such a great idea.
So I have decided to have my penpals do this too, if they are willing to do it. It's just for me to get to know my penpals and to have fun with it! It's also to start a great pen-friendship!

Be creative & decorative with it...
First, find a journal/notebook/or mini scrapbook and create these pages below in order (try to include photos/pictures/drawings/clip outs/articles in the journal):

1. "About Me"
 ( include pictures of you, write about yourself, your age, your birthday, etc.)

2. "My Family"
(It can be about your sisters/brothers or even your pets)

3. "My Life"
   (your favorite hobbies)

4. "My School Life"
   (picture of your school/classes, your friends, your teachers, your schedule for school)

5. "My Favorite Tv Shows"

6. "My Favorite Movies"

7. "My Favorite Books/Magazines"

8. " My Favorite Candy"
    (feel free to include empty candy wrappers or pictures of candy)

9. "My Favorite Food"
   (feel free to include pictures/photos of the food or even recipes)

10. "My Favorite Stores"
    (feel free to include pictures/photos of the stores or even fashion clippings from magazines/catalogs)

11. "My Favorite Vacations"
      (include pictures/photos, if

12. "Where I live"
   (include pictures/photos of your country, a little map of your country, tell me the city and country where you live in, tell me about the area around it, your house, tell me about your country--history, language, capital,    
government, culture, President, currency)

13. The Alphabet & Numbers in
       your native language

14. A Typical Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/
     Dessert in your country

   (feel free to include pictures/photos
    of it)

15. This last page can include advertisements of food prices, bus/movie/museum tickets, receipts, anything you want really. Have fun with it!

I hope a lot of my penpals could do this creative, artful journal as I would love to see them!  It sounds fun and great!

Hope to get your penpal journals someday! I hope it is of interest to you, thanks in advance!

 Happy Snail Mailing & Penpalling!

Even if you aren't my penpal, feel free to do this! Maybe this will be a start for our new pen-friendship, anybody wanting to create a PenPal journal, feel free to leave a comment or email me.


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