My Love for Ol' Typewriters!

 Oh, how I just love typewriters, don't you? I decided to finally use this typewriter after it's been sitting in the den collecting dust. In fact, I have been typing a few penpal letters with it, which I thought came out quite lovely especially with its cursive font. It's quite elegant and so vintage-y! Reminds me of Lucy on the "I Love Lucy" episode where she sits at her typewriter typing plays to perform at Ricky's club. Remember that episode? Ha-ha! Anyways, it's just such a magical feeling you get when using something of the past. And who knows, maybe someday Apple will make a typewriter Mac?!? :P




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Little Postal Travels

" The envelope, self-sealed in a
meticulous way with wax, monogrammed
engraved so beautifully on the back...I treasure
this letter, and its envelope."

- "I Have His Letters Still" by Ray Brown