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If you haven't noticed I'm currently working on this blog. It's almost done. All I have to do is link the images, fix the text color (I don't like the gray color so much, do you?), and the tabs on the top of my blog, then everything will work smoothly. So far, everything is going great. So what do y'all think, you like the new layout? :)




All these photos are mine unless otherwise stated.
Pretty please with a cherry on top- do NOT use any of my photos without my consent and do not claim these photos as yours. I'd highly appreciate that, thank you! :) You may use these images ONLY, if you give me credit, so that people know these are my works and no one elses.

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Little Postal Travels

" The envelope, self-sealed in a
meticulous way with wax, monogrammed
engraved so beautifully on the back...I treasure
this letter, and its envelope."

- "I Have His Letters Still" by Ray Brown