DIY Mail Holder

Tired of losing your mail? Can't find where you left your penpal letters or bills? Well, now you can get organized with your very own mail holder. This is a relatively easy craft that you can do at home and it hardly costs anything (considering some items you can find lying around your room).

Supplies needed:
- Ruler
- Marker/pen/pencil
- Cereal Box
- Glue (or tape)
- Scissors
- Scrapbook Paper
(This scrapbook paper is what you'll mail holder will look like once it is finished, so make sure the paper you pick out, is something that you like. 
For my mail holder, I tore out a map page from my atlas.)

Step One:
Take your cereal box, your ruler, and your marker and mark 4.5 inches
 on the box on all sides.

Step Two:
Open up your cereal box and with your scissors, cut along the edges until you reach the marks you made.

Step Three:
Once you finished cutting the flaps, fold them down, so that they make a crease where you can easily cut along the folds removing all the flaps.

Step Four:

It's time to get out your scrapbook paper and start measuring! So take your scrapbook paper and you will need to cut it according to these sizes to fit on your cereal box:

Front & Back:
4.5 inches by 7.7 inches
(cut out two papers of this size)

4.5 inches by 2.8 inches
(cut out two papers of this size)

2.8 inches by 7.7 inches
(cut out one paper of this size)

Or instead of cutting the papers for the sides and bottom, you can just cut out a paper 2.7 by 17.1 inches, so when it comes to the finished product, you can just glue the bottom and sides as one piece instead of 3 pieces, which is what I did.

Also, instead of 4.5 inches, I cut my papers 4.8 inches or 5 inches, so that I can tuck the extra .5 inches in the cereal box. I figured if I cut the paper exactly 4.5 inches, I would still see a tiny bit of the cereal box at the rim, which I didn't want to see.

Step Five:
Once you finished cutting your paper into all the sizes mentioned in Step Four, you will then glue (or tape) them on your cereal box.

Step Six:
Voila! Your mail holder is now complete! Now you can easily keep track of your mail and stay organzied with this cute, stylish mail holder.

{Once you make it, feel free to leave a comment letting us know how it came out. We would love to hear about it!}


Maria said... made a wonderful job, I love the mail holder and the steps with instructions and pics! definetely, great idea!

Yasmeen said...

@Maria Thank you for your comments! I'm always happy to read them! I'm really glad that you like this whole mail holder idea! Thanks again for all the compliments! :) You are so kind!

Loli said...

Love it!!!



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