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OMG! What an awesome mail day even if it was just one piece of mail, it still made it seem as though I received a ton of mail! I got a letter from my Puerto Rican pen-pal, Yesenia, today and I was just sooo thrilled to read it :) It was such a thick envelope filled with lovely goodies...I cannot thank you enough, Yesenia! You made my day so much brighter! :)

Let me show you all the lovely mail she sent and it was all based off an "Alice in Wonderland" theme, which I truly adore:

(Above and Below)
I absolutely love the stationery and the wax seal! This is the first letter I have ever received with a wax seal :)

Lovely "Alice in Wonerland" bookmark! :)

Yesenia even wrote her "Top 10 Quirks" from which the concept came from

(Above and Below)
She sent me some coins from when she lived in Spain! Thanks so much, Yesenia! They will be great for my collection :) I'm always surprised at how small Euro coins are compared to American coins!

I was going to ask Yesenia if she would be interested in doing a pen-pal journal in my next letter to her, but it seems as though she kind of made one without knowing about the pen-pal journal, hehe. As you can see in the photos above, she made a little journal about her country (capital, government, language, facts, etc) with the Puerto Rican flag being the cover of it. She also sent me two maps. One map shows where Puerto Rico is and the other map shows the whole country of Puerto Rico along with little facts she wrote about different little provience/town. The facts she wrote are pretty interesting! :)

Thanks again for everything, Yesenia! :) Your mail is so creative and lovely! I will try to reply to you as soon as I can.


Bubbles said...

Thats such a great piece of mail to receive. I love all the traditional story papers that have been out, I only have the silhoutte Alice ones as I didn't like the coloured ones but this ones indeed really nice.

Anonymous said...

this is super amazing :)

HeyThereYessy said...

Hello Yasmeen!

I'm so glad you liked my letter! I calculated that you would receive it on Friday, so I went on Instagram to see if you had uploaded a picture of it, but since I didn't saw it, I came in here, and what a wonderful surprise to see such a long and detailed post about it! I was so happy, I showed it to my whole family! The random thing is that they were very proud of it, but still...

I put so much effort into this letter, that I could say it's the most creative I've done so far! That's why it took me so much time to send it! I just wanted to send you a bit of my country and all the things I love and I hoped you would like. I love having you as my pen pal and this post about my letter has been amazing. It's just so much more than I expected and deserve myself! Thank you!

Janne. said...

That looks really cute! x

Mariam said...

The Alice in Wonderland stationery is so amazing! I love how it's sealed with wax!

Mariam said...

The Alice in Wonderland stationery is so amazing! I love how it's sealed with wax!

Yasmeen said...

@Bubbles Thanks so much! I agree, it is definitely the most loveliest piece of mail! :) These are the first traditional story stationery I have seen and I can only imagine how lovely the other story papers are! :) Ohh...the Alice stationery you have sounds gorgeous! I love Alice in Wonderland! :)

@Sab Rina Thanks so much! I agree, hehe! ^^

@Janne Thank you! :) I think it is, too!

@Mariam Thank you! :) I love Alice in Wonderland, so to see this stationery was definitely amazing! And like you, I also love the wax seal! :)

@HeyThereYessy Hey! Nice to see you here on blogger! I'll definitely have to visit your blog when I get the chance! :) I'll reply more to your message on Instagram and I'll try to write you back as soon as I can! :)



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