Want to participate in my projects?

So I've been thinking of some projects I would love to do, but I need your help...will you help me? If so, please continue reading:

Project #1: Penpal Journal

I've done this project before, but have only gotten very few penpals to do one. So I decided to pick up this project again and see if anyone else is interested. What's a Penpal Journal you ask? Read on!

To participate in this project, this is how it works:

You take a journal, notebook, moleskine, scrapbook or make your own journal and fill in this information about yourself below for each page:

- About Me
(Name, Age, Birthday)

- My Family
(siblings, pets)

- My favorite hobbies/interests

- My Collections

- My favorite tv shows/movies

- My favorite books

- My favorite foods

- About your country
(President, Government, Capital,
Population, Currency,History, any facts)

- Alphabet in your native language

Inside the journal, you can even put in photos, tickets, postcards, brochures, anything you want to include. Be creative and have fun! :)

To see some penpal journals I have received, please click here. Once I get your penpal journal, you'll see it posted here on my blog for all to see (or if you don't want it posted, I will highly respect that). I might not be able to send a penpal journal in return, but I will definitely send a nice letter and maybe a little goodie to say thanks! :)

Project #2: Traveling through CD

I would love to travel the world someday, but these days airline tickets are so costly. So I thought that I would create a project where I can travel the world through the eyes of my penpals. All you have to do is video record yourself (just as you would as if you were on Skype) and mention your name, age, and the country you live in. Then video record yourself doing what you normally do: going shopping, doing one of your hobbies, eating breakfast/lunch/or dinner (as I would love to know the foods people in your country eat), going to a museum or a tourist attraction (examples: Big Ben, Eiffel Tower, London Eye, etc), at school, going to the park, eating at a cafe/restaurant, etc. Then put your video recording on a CD/DVD and send it. The video recording can be as long as you want (at least 8 minutes or more). It'll be so great to meet penpals and learn about all the different countries and cultures. I would especially love to hear people's accents and the speaking of different languages!

So if you find any one of these projects interesting and you are wanting to join, please email me! I look forward to hearing from you! :)


Chaeyeon Lee said...

I want to participate this project 1!
I live in South Korea. Do you want get more information about me? Please send mail to hrs41@naver.com

I want your address which need to send my country-book! Please send your address to my e-mail!

Yasmeen said...

@Chaeyeon Lee Yay! Thanks so much! I'm SOOO happy! Your comment made my day! And plus you're from South Korea, I've been wanting more friends from there! :) I'll definitely send you an email as soon as possible. Thanks again for wanting to participate! :)

Chaeyeon Lee said...

I received your e-mail. Thanks to send e-mail!
I send e-mail to you, please confirm it.

Denise said...

I love the journal idea. Are you still doing this project?



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