Another letter from Astrid & some outgoing mail! :)

Another letter from my dear pen-pal, Astrid, that turned this rainy, gloomy day into the brightest day ever! Astrid use to live in the UK (where she sent me her first letter), but then she moved to South Africa, which is exactly where she sent this second letter. I feel so bad because I have taken so long to reply to her first letter, but at least it will be a longer letter since I can combine a reply to her first and second letter :) Thanks so much, Astrid, for your patience! I truly appreciate it! And thanks for your lovely letter and balloon drawing! Astrid is so talented at art! You can tell she has some passion in what she does! :)

Love those colorful South African stamps! 

Oh and one more thing! My new pen-friend, Gladys, left a comment on my blog (thank you!) saying how I should post more of my outgoing mail and actually I have been thinking about doing that. Do you all like that idea? I do, but I just don't like ruining surprises for the person who is waiting for my mail. But I'll give it a's the outgoing mail I sent today:

Letter to Elaine (Spain)!

Letter to Anna (Australia)!

Letter to Mariam (the Netherlands)!

Letter to Tari (France)!

Hope you all get my letters soon! More outgoing to come soon...

P.S. Sorry that some photos didn't come out so well! Today was a bad day for photos. So the outgoing letters look a lot better in person than on here.


sammybongo said...

wow wow wow wow really special colorful amazing.

Sally said...

Hi Yasmeen! Just to let you know that I already received your letter to me and I have also written one back to you, I'll find some time to go to the post office to mail it to you soon!!

Gladys said...

Hey Yasmeen! Thank you for taking my advice! hehe!

I hope you will receive my letter soon!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Yasmeen,

I am so pleased my little balloons found their way into your hands. I love the incoming and outgoing mail photos you have on the blog. I usually only post my "outgoing" mail photos once they've been received by person, just so that snail mail remains as it was intended: a surprise. With your mail I did post a photo on my facebook page but only because I knew you wouldn't see it there ;) A lovely little/big/wonderful world you have on paper here. Thank you for your lovely comments and likes always her and instagram xo

Yasmeen said...

@sammybongo Thank you for your always sweet comments! I enjoy reading them! :)

@Sally Hello Sally! :) Yay, I'm so happy to hear my letter got to you and I especially look forward to your letter! No rush at all...take as much time as you need! I'll be patiently waiting and will post it here when I get it! ^^

@Gladys Hehe! It was my pleasure! :) I enjoy hearing advice from others!

@Anonymous (hehe!) Thanks so much, Astrid, for your lovely comment! It makes my day to hear such compliments coming from such a sweet person! ^^
That's a wonderful idea! I should do that. I really wanted to post my outgoing mail, so that others know I'm a honest penpal and so people can get an idea of who I am through my mail. But at the same time, I didn't want to ruin the surprise for the person who was expecting my letter. I really appreciate your advice and I am willing to try it! Thanks again for stopping by and taking the time to leave a generous comment! :) XOXO!



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