Airmail from Singapore

Sorry for haven't been replying to comments lately and for sending letters late. I have been so tired and feeling just ugh lately. I will try to work on writing more letters this weekend and next week. I have some written already, but I have to wait for my mom to go out and buy some more stamps and then I'll send them as soon as possible.

I was so happy to have gotten a letter today! Yesterday, in the mail was a bunch of junk and then the day before that we got no mail at all. How could someone not get any mail at all? Not even one piece of junk! That's insane! But today broke the mail slience. Out of the mailbox came a lovely, beautiful letter from my new pal, Gladys, from Singapore. Wow, it arrived pretty fast (it took only 4 or 5 days to get here)! I'm really happy it arrived soon and I couldn't help but stare at this piece of art as I like to call it! It's mail art eye candy! *o* It's like the letter is hypotinizing me with its beauty, lol! Enough of my ramblings, ha-ha, I'm sure you all want to see the letter (drumroll, please)-

Thanks so much, Gladys! 
I really enjoyed reading your letter and I absolutely adore the airmail themed stationery! I think we'll become great friends! :) 

NOTE to all my penfriends:

Keep a look out on my "Incoming and Outgoing Mail" to see if I sent you a letter or received letter. If you haven't received a letter from me yet, I truly appreciate your patience and you should expect a letter from me as soon as I get stamps. Sorry again for the delay!


sammybongo said...

wow super pretty lovely well done letter I am happy for you. Also I had that happen to me a lot of times.

My mail box has nothing inside of it at all.

Jen said...

Your blog is beautiful! :)

Gladys said...

Hihi Yasmeen! Glad you've gotten my letter so fast! And I'm really elated to hear that you love my letter! We could be great pals! Take Care and take your time to write back!


Marian said...

So pretty. Gladys sends such nice letters! :)

Yasmeen said...

@sammybongo Thank you very much! :) Aww, really? I'm sorry to hear that! :( Do you have many penpals? Perhaps, I could bring a little happiness to your mailbox. Tell you what, once I catch up with a couple more letters, I'll try to write you one if you're interested in doing snail mail with me! Sounds good?

@Jen Thank you very much! I'm very happy to hear that! :)

@Gladys Hiya Gladys! :) I was very happy too to have gotten your letter and I look forward to exchanging more letters with you! I really think we'll be awesome snail mail buds! :) Take Care too, Gladys! Have a great rest of the week! I will try to write you soon! :)

@Marian Thank you! Hehe, I most definitely believe that especially after getting this letter from Gladys! :)



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