Penpal from Arkansas (USA)

Yesterday, I received the cutest letter ever from my new penpal, Shelby, from Arkansas (USA). She found me on and is the first person to have contacted me from there :) Boy was I happy to have gotten her letter! It's so adorable! It brought a smile to my face and maybe it will to you too once you look at it-

Thanks a bunch, Shelby, for your cute letter! I really look forward to doing snail mail with you! I think we'll become great friends! ^u^


Shelby Anne said...

Yay! I'm glad it reached you, and sorry again about the delay! I loved the matryoshka letter set so I was happy to send it off to someone who would enjoy it as much as I did! <3

Nicole said...

Hi Yasmeen! Sorry for not replying to your e-mail. When I got home from my holidays I had 120 mails in my inbox and totally forgot to answer yours. I went to the postoffice yesterday but they had no idea what went wrong.
So I will take a new envelop + stamp today and try to send it to you again OK? :)

xxx Nicole

Yasmeen said...

@Shelby Anne Aww, me too! Thanks so much, Shelby! I really love the matryoshka stationery! It was so nice of you to use it for my letter! I'll try to write you back asap! :) Have a great weekend!

@Nicole Hey Nicole! That's totally alright! I completely understand! :) I just thought maybe my email didn't reach you, but I'm glad it did :) Hmm...that's quite odd! Thanks so much for going to try to send it again though! I really appreciate it and will definitely let you know when I get it! :) Have a great weekend, Nicole!

sammybongo said...

Wow so really cute looking.



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