Penpal from the Netherlands

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Yay, a letter arrived from my pen-pal, Mariam, from the Netherlands!
 Look at her colorful doodles on the envelope-

...and isn't the stationery just adorable?! I have a fetish for cute stationery...eep! *u*

Thank you very much, Mariam, for your cute letter! :) 
Expect a letter from me soon!


Steffelchen said...

Wow, the decorations on the envelope are so beautiful! <3

Yasmeen said...

@Steffelchen Thank you! :) I know, right? It's so creative and beautiful!

Tari said...

Lovely doodlings :)

By the way, I saw in the "outgoing letters" part of your blog that you sent me a letter on April 16th... and I haven't received it D:

Mariam said...

Yaay I'm so happy you received it! You made really beautiful pictures of it! I'm so glad you like it! :)

sammybongo said...

awwwwww love the pretty stuff there.

Yoshi said...

Hi Yasmeen.

I never received a letter back from you. Is there a reason why?

Greetings from Austria

Yasmeen said...

@Yoshi Hello Yoshi! :) Yes, I have a good reason and I'm terribly sorry for taking so long to get back to you! I wasn't feeling so well and was a bit busy. I'll be writing you a letter today, but I'm not sure when I'll be able to send it. I'm waiting for my mom to get some more stamps, so I can start sending out my letters. I really appreciate your patience! Bear with me! :)



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