Penpal Letter from Hong Kong

Today, I received a cute letter from my penpal, Sally, from Hong Kong! Along with her letter, she included a bookmark because she knows how much I love reading. Aww! Thanks, Sally! :) I love her handwriting! It's so small and neat! :) Wish I could write like that! Speaking of writing, I'll probably be writing some more letters today because I'm a bit bored considering the Instagram app isn't working due to bad weather we had here in Virginia last night. It was pretty crazy! Last night, I was talking to my mom downstairs while she was washing dishes and then all of a sudden, the electricity went off. But then it came back on within a few seconds. My mom said how the electricity probably went off due to the humidity outside. The whole East coast of the US is supposed to get a heat wave...ugh! It's supposed to reach up to 100 degrees Farenheit today. I hate the summer heat! I'm hoping autumn comes soon! Anyways, after my mom mentioned about the heat having an impact on the electricity, my sister said she heard some wind. I was like what...wind?!? It's humid, how could it be windy. But then I looked out my window and saw that it was ridculously windy outside. It was super cloudy and the wind was blowing like I have never seen before. I seriously thought there was going to be a tornado because the wind was putting so much pressure on my window, I thought my window was seriously going to bust open. Then I saw lots of lightning. I was pretty scared last night, but thank God, it only lasted for an hour. Now it's sunny, humid, and everything is just so quiet. But I just read on the news how 9 people died because of the damage last nght's storm caused and how the Amazon company (Nextflix and Instagram) are facing some problems due to the electricity outage. Many people lost their electricity and still have their electrictiy off. Luckily, we still have electricity :) Hope everyone is doing ok and I hope Instagram works soon! 

Okey dokey, onto Sally's letter:


Tari said...

Good to know you like small handwritings, because mine is especially tiny! :D Well, you will discover it soon.

Awww, the weather there sounds really awful! Hope it will get better soon!

sammybongo said...

Very pretty letter for sure nice for her.

RAE said...

Hi Yasmeen! Thank you for your mail and I'm glad that my letter arrived at you're house soon and that you liked it! I'm looking forward to your response! Love Romana

AxStupidxLamb said...

Hey i've awarded you the liebster award! :D



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