Typewritten letter from the UK...

Another letter came in yesterday from my penpal, Jasmine, from the UK. It's really such a gorgeous letter! It was a 6 page, typewritten letter! Woo hoo! :) I just love letters that are typewritten. Also, the envelope itself was quite a piece of art! Along with her letter, she included tea and 3 stamps for our stamp swap. I love these stamps! They're so vintage-y, don't you think? :) Thanks so much, Jasmine, for your mail! I was so happy to have received it and I'll try to reply back as soon as I can! :)

P.S. To all my penpals, I'm still a tad bit behind on letter writing, but don't worry, I'm catching up. I'm not a penpal collector even though it may seem like I am. I just enjoy writing letters and getting mail in my mailbox keeps me company on those boring, depressed days. It's not that I have too many penpals to catch up with, it's just that I take some time to make each and every letter nice and long! :)

P.S.S For those of you who contact me via kik and email, my replies will be late because unfortunately neither of them have been working due to low Internet connection (I'm guessing because of the crazy weather). So I don't know when they'll start working, but hopefully soon, so I can start replying. I can still do email by going on the actual MSN hotmail website, but it's still a bit slow. I usually check my msn email on the little mail icon on my Ipod touch, that's why I would always reply to emails quickly because I would always check it.


sammybongo said...

Wow her letter look so old style looking, Her stamps are very old net looking wow wow wow.

I can understand about being late I have 20 pen-pals maybe more but I do every letter with lvoe and care that sometime I am late too.

Mi Joya said...

That's a lot of nice mail in your mailbox!!



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" The envelope, self-sealed in a
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