Envelope Templates & Mini Scissors

I have seen these envelope templates before and now I have them. Two new envelope templates arrived in the mail today along with two mini scissors...yay! Now I can make envelopes without having to keep printing and tracing templates and the mini scissors will be helpful when it comes to paper cutting/kirigami :) So lovely mail and craft supplies, don't you think? :)


lipton|TEE said...

I've been wanting these for a while. Mainly the smaller one since my Martha Stewart score board allows me to make the bigger ones. The scissors are too cute, they look so vintage! Where did you order this stuff- I need to add them to my wishlist lol.

sammybongo said...

Wow that is really cool looking, I would love to get something that cool. I am happy it will help you out better.

RAE said...

I really need to have an envelope template as well. I always make my own envelopes, so it's quite handy!

gene bernice said...

Fantastic envelope templates and the design of mini scissors is good. Im really interested to prepare envelopes.

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Linda said...

Hello! I've sent you some mail a pretty long time ago, but I still haven't received anything back! Just wondering why that is? Love, Linda

Kimmy said...

What awesome scissors. XD They seem like they would be pretty handy.



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