Kawaii Letter from Singapore-

Hiya everyone! How is everyone doing today? Good, I hope! :) I've been feeling sluggish lately and maybe even lazy, which I shouldn't be feeling :( I still have a couple of letters I need to catch up on, but I just haven't had the energy. Why? Well, the reason being that I'm fasting for the Islamic holiday- Ramadan. Some of you might know about it and some of you might not know. So for those of you that don't know what Ramadan is, here it goes- Ramadan is the 9th month in the Islamic Lunar Calendar and everyday (from sunrise to sunset) for the whole month, Muslims are obligated to fast. Why do we fast? Well, there are many reasons: we fast to feel sympathy for the poor who don't have food/drink at all, fasting has been proven good for the body as it gets rid of all the toxins, fasting helps protect you from commiting major (and minor) sins, Ramadan is the month in which our book (the Koran) was revealed, etc. After Ramadan is a 3 day celebration called "Eid ul Fitr", in which everyone dresses in nice clothes, family and friends get together, gifts are given/received, and basically everyone has fun. From a Christian perspective, it's almost like Christmas with the concept of having fun and gifts being passed around. 

Keep in mind, I am NOT the kind of Muslim you see in the media. What you see in the media isn't Islam at all! There's bad/lunatic people in all religions, but that doesn't make everybody in a particular religion a lunatic. That would be sterotyping and I don't think sterotyping is right! Anyways, I hope my fellow penpals don't let religion divide our friendship! I enjoy having all my lovely penpals! You all are such great friends (and are my only true friends other than my family)! I really hope we can all still be friends! I enjoy sending mail and receiving your mail! XOXO :) 

I have sent out a couple of letters already, but as I said, I still have some catching up to do. I'll try to write some letters, but it just all depends on how I feel. I might just wait until after Ramadan (which is around August 20). I know that sounds like such a long time, but I won't let you down. I WILL reply back to all my letters, so don't worry! After Ramadan is over, I'll be able to reply to letters much quicker :) 

On to what I got in the mail today- a very Rilakkumma letter from my penpal, YingYing, from the lovely island/country of Singapore! :) I just squealed when I got the letter, hehe! It's so cute! :) Thanks so much, YingYing, for your cute letter! 


sammybongo said...

I love Rilakkuma, Super super cute big time. I am happy you got a cute letter.

lipton|TEE said...

I really loved hearing about Ramadan. I think it's interesting to learn about different cultures and religions. If anyone chooses to not be your pen pal, friend or associate with you, because of it, then they are the lunatics. Things like that should not be the determining factor in whether we associate with someone or not. Anyway I know this may sound really silly but I learned about Ramadan one time when I was watching the cartoon Proud Family, the three day celebration sound like a really good time! I guess you need it after fasting for so long - I applaud you and others who fast, for having the willpower to do so. Sorry I started rambling, but great post and I'm writing your letter now and it should be in the mail before the mailman comes. It will probably take a day or 2- we don't live that far apart. Take care and good luck with the fast!!

Tari said...

It was really interesting reading what you wrote about Ramadan. I knew very little about it,but now I understand it more, thanks for the infos! And by the way, you being Muslim definitely isn't a problem for me, I'm an agnostic but I respect everyone's religion. So I enjoy being your penpal anyways! :)



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