Letter from Germany

Last week, I got another cute Diddl letter from my German penpal, Sinja. We started penpalling in 2010, but we've only exchanged 5-8 letters! :) Sinja is a great penpal and I'm happy to correspond with her! :) She seems really friendly, so I can only imagine what she's like in person. I always thought it would be so awesome to meet a penpal! I have never met any of my penpals before, but maybe someday I will! :) Have any of you met your penpal(s)? Or plan on meeting?

Thanks, Sinja, for your letter! :)


sammybongo said...

I think Diddl is really cute looking paper. I wish I could get paper with him on it.

I never meet any of my pen-pals at all I would love to meet most of them someday.

I am hoping save money to see my Sri Lanka pen-pal next summer. If I am lucky to get the money.



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