Penpal from North Carolina (USA)-

A very kawaii, My Melody letter from Tamyra (aka Tee) in the state of North Carolina! I love the stationery...too cute! :) Thanks so much, Tee, for your cute, long letter! I enjoyed reading it and am excited to reply back when I can! :) Oh and Tee, I just noticed that on your blogger profile, you mentioned you attend University of Greensboro...I have been to Greensboro a couple of times as it's only an hour (or 2?) away. Too bad we couldn't have met each other! :P And thanks so much, Tee, for leaving such a generous, positive comment on my previous post about me fasting and not being able to reply to letters as quickly! It really made me smile to hear you're kind words! And don't worry about it being long, there's nothing better than reading such a nice, long comment! :) I'll reply more to your comment whenever I write your letter. Toodles! :-) Oh and another thing, I never knew I was following you on Pinterest...I mean I know who I follow, but I just knew never it was you, lol, but I'm glad to know it is you that I'm following.


lipton|TEE said...

Yay I'm glad you like it. I attended UNCG for 2 years now I'm at ECU - I transferred because I didn't like it lol. It would have been cool to meet up. You're welcome about the comment and I'm glad you liked the letter - I had a lot to say lol. Haha- I didn't even realize that you may not have known it was me who was following you. I follow lots of people that I can't keep up with either - I remember following you though because I followed you specifically from here. Anyway let me stop rambling and go to bed it's 3:15 am (crazy I know lol).

sammybongo said...

Hey there I am happy you got a really long letter to read, Reading long letters are a lot of fun also good to chat with too in away. My Melody is super cute I love her on the paper a lot.



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