More mail from the Netherlands-

I must say Dutch people sure know how to make a person have a happy mailbox and they're creative people! Not that Dutch people are the only creative people, but so far most of the mail art I get are from the Netherlands :)


This beautiful letter (& goodies) came from my penpal, Sissy! Isn't it just gorgeous?! I LOVE the stationery! I wish I could post a photo of each page individually as each page has a different style! :) I also love the stamps on the envelope along with everything else! Thanks so much, Sissy! I really loved your letter and goodies! :)


lipton|TEE said...

Wow! Awesome letter/package. I love the stationery!

sammybongo said...

Wow it look's really lovely looking big time. I love seeing true art work and skills like that.

Tari said...

The stationery is absolutely lovely! I'd love to know where she got it from, hehe! And she sent you great teas! Both Moroccan mint and rooibos count in my favourite kind of teas :)

Ylarnja said...

Please ask her where she got the stationery *-* Maybe she bought it in a store. It's so difficult to get really good stationery in Germany :(

Yasmeen said...

Thank you! :) Me too, I love everything pictured here!

Yasmeen said...

Thanks, Tari! :) Hehe, I would like to know too. It's such cute stationery! ^.^ Indeed, she did. I wonder what they taste curious! Is Moroccan mint like peppermint?

Yasmeen said...

Hi Ylarnja! :) I certainly will because I too love the's so cute! ^-^ I'm sorry to hear it's difficult to find good stationery there. Perhaps you can get some from online or via etsy. You can also find free printable stationery online :)



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" The envelope, self-sealed in a
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