1st penpal from Denmark

This week, I received mail from the lovely Textile Letter blogger in Denmark. I love all the little goodies she included! It's always fun to open up a letter and find little surprises! It gives me somewhat of a glimpse into their life, I guess you could say. It also gives me an idea of the person's personality and that's what I love about penpalling- getting to know what makes a person different from one another! :)

So here are some goodies Karina sent me- some textiles (the black/white one is what she uses to make pillows and the lacey one is a bobbinlace), little business card, pattern postcard, pressed flowers, and some photos she took from where her husband is from. 

Thanks so much, Mrs. Rios, for your lovely mail! You're my first penpal from Denmark, so I'm very excited to get to know you and your country! :) The textiles were very lovely and the designs are amazing and so detailed! I must say, Mrs. Rios, you are quite talented! :)

Visit Karina's blog, "Textile Letters", to be a part of her project and see the many projects she has received (and sent) so far! :) 


sammybongo said...

I am happy your getting new people of the world. I only have 1 pen-pal from Denmark but she hardly ever get back to me so it's so sad.

karina nielsen rios, copenhagen, denmark said...

Dear Yasmeen,
So happy you have received my letter and you liked it.
Your words about me and my work makes me happy. I look forward to get a new letter from you soon.

Love, Karina



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