Outgoing Mail...finally! :)

I have sent a few letters, but I haven't really been posting photos of my sent/outgoing as I've been wanting to (and I said I would). But today is a new day and from now on, I'll start sharing my sent mail with you all. What do you guys think? Hope the people who receive it like it! :) I've been really in the creative, crafty mood lately! I'll have to show y'all some photos of my room when I'm crafting. It has become such a big crafty mess especially since I make my crafts on my bed (don't have a big enough desk, but oh well).

Oh by the way, I'm trying to figure out how to make a 'hover over effect' over the images, so that way if my penpal(s) want to see what I sent, they can. And if they don't want to see it (so they can be surprised), then others will be able to view it. I want to show my penpals that I do take the time to write letters. I put as much time and effort in every letter! Even if I'm busy, I try to do my best and try even better next time. I like to make my letters unique and pretty because I know the mail I get is quite lovely! Making every letter special is something I really enjoy :) I hope none of my penpals become jealous of what I sent to another penpal! I try to make each & every letter unique. Also, I try to make it something that suits your personality/interests/hobbies. But if you any of my penpals want a letter that looks like any of the photos below, you let me know and I'm sure I can make an exact copy :) <3 Or even tell me what's your favorite color, etc!

Spoiler Alert: If you're-- Hilery (the Netherlands), Sissy (the Netherlands), Karina (Denmark), Astrid (S. Africa), Mazzy (the UK), Ashley (Texas, USA), and Rachael (Georgia, USA)-- your letters are pictured below, so if you want to see them, you can. Though if you want to wait and be surprised, DO NOT look! :)

Note: Doilies, lace, and pearls are just to make the background more lovely; therefore, they aren't included in the mail unless they are part of the envelope or otherwise stated.


Outgoing/Sending to:

Outgoing/Sent to (10/26):
S. Africa

Outgoing/Sent to (10/24):
the UK

Outgoing/Sent to (10/24):

(Image Coming Soon)

Outgoing/Sent to (10/26):

Still working on more letters...

 〮〮〮Happy Postal Traveling, y'all!  〮〮〮


lipton|TEE said...

Wow you really do send some beautiful mail!! All of those ladies are very lucky to be receiving such wonderful art work!

sammybongo said...

Wow that is a lot of out going mail. Every thing look's so very pretty lovely cute.

Maya Floria Yasmin said...

what a lovely letter, i think it's great to use doilies, yasmeen!

Love the leaves.. I fall in in love with fall since indonesia only have two seasons.. Haha



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