Penpal from Mexico-

Yesterday, I was so happy to find this letter in the mailbox- a letter all the way from my Mexican penpal- Natalia. It was such a simple letter (simple in a good way), but it simply put a smile on my face! I loved it! :) She really made it pretty and decorative! :) Thank you so much, Natalia! xoxo

 〮〮〮Happy Postal Traveling, y'all!  〮〮〮


sammybongo said...

That is good you got a mail from her. I almost had a pen-pal from Mexico. I got a letter from someone and sent her a letter but got nothing back. I don;t think I have good luck with Mexico mail.

lipton|TEE said...

This is very pretty! What do you use to take your pictures with?

Yasmeen said...

@sammybongo Thanks! :) Aww, I'm sorry you haven't had much luck with Mexican penpals :( That doesn't sound good! Perhaps someday you'll have a great Mexican penpal to correspond with! I know for me, it was also hard to find a good Mexican pal to stay pals with. But now I'm happy to have one!

@lipton|TEE Why thank you very much, Tee! :) I edit my photos using and Hope you'll like these sites! They have pretty effects to use for free! :)

Anonymous said...

i apprecite so much being part of this blog :) so glad you like the letter :D
natalia :D



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