Please Read/Urgent: "No blog updates, no letters, no emails. What's going on, Yasmeen?"

Ok, so I'm sure for those of you who haven't received a letter from me in months are wondering what's going on. Am I right? I haven't been answering your letters, emails, and comments. "So what's going on, Yasmeen?" I'll tell you! I've been a bit busy. Ok, so that may be a little vague, don't you think? Perhaps! BUT there's more...

I'll be MOVING! Woo hooooo!

Yep, moving! Do I have to make the font bigger? Or can you read it? That's right, I said moving. Moving to the other side of the country- Seattle, Washington. Now I'm not sure when exactly I'll be moving, but I'll be keeping in touch with you all as soon as I know. We first have to sell our house before we can move, so that means we'll have to have showings for people to look around our house. At this point I'm sure you're wondering why would this delay my letter writing? Well, this will be a stressful time for my whole family right now. The economy isn't doing very good especially when it comes to putting houses on the market. So I'm just hoping and praying everything goes well! Secondly, since there are going to be showings, it'll be hard to write during those times as the house has to look nice and everything. And well, when I'm in the writing mood...let's just say my room is a crafty mess, lol!

BUT (yes, now let's get to some good news) that doesn't mean I have forgotten you and decided not to write. No, no, & no. That's not the case at all. I'll still be trying to get out as many letters as I can. I'll be the busiest bee you've ever seen, ha-ha! Except bees don't write letters, but you know what I mean.

Let me go on to make a little list here of reasons why I would delay writing letters, so you all would know in advance:

- Busy (rather it's school related or whatever the case may be).
- Sick/illness
- Postage (this may also become a reason if I run out of postage or simply just can't afford it).

...whatever the reason may be, I'll definitely explain it more in depth via letters or here on my blog :) Okie dokie?

Also, I wanted to let you all know that I've changed my handwriting. So don't freak out if you get my letter wondering who's handwriting that is, ha-ha! I hope it's read-able! I felt like my handwriting needed a change. It's been so long (too long) since I've written in cursive, except this cursive is a bit different. It's sort of like calligraphy and that's how I wanted it to turn out. I've been practing writing this way with the help of a cursive writing book I use as my school work.

Oh and one more thing before I end this post. I'm sure you all noticed that I gave this blog a new makeover. Tada! What do you guys think? Like it? Or was my old blog better? Give me your feedback, ideas, suggestions, whatever! :) I, personally, wanted to make my title different as I have noticed many snail mail blogs with a title including "letter". So I gave my title a bit of a twist with "Little Postal Travels"!

Please keep in mind that'll be changing my website soon! So my new website/link will be:

If you still have my old link ( on your blog, Pinterest, or elsewhere, please change it to:


as my "Once Upon A Letter" website is no longer active/avaliable. Thank you! :)

Oh and what do you guys think of my "Little Postal Travels" banner/image? I drew it myself then scanned it. After that, I colored it and made effects using an app. I thought this effect was pretty cool because it makes it seem as though I embroidered it seeing those little dash marks I drew. So ok, I may not be the best artist, but at least I tried, right? :) Perhaps, I could have used a ruler but oh well. Nobody's perfect! :P

Ok, well I guess I've said it all! Hope this post clears up any misconceptions or anything of the sort. Again, I thank you for your patience & understanding...& of course, your mail, ha-ha! :) Keep you all updated soon! Hope you all have a great autumn/fall season ahead! Stay warm & toasty (unless it's summer where you live, then keep cold, ha-ha)!


sammybongo said...

I am happy your moving somewhere. I hope your move will be really good for you. I hope your pen-pals will get your letters\you will get there letters still.

Mariam said...

Good luck with moving! When you moved, I'd like to have your new address, my mom let me snailmail again!! (I'll Kik you so then you know how to contact me again) :)

Yasmeen said...

@sammybongo Aww, thank you! :) I hope so too! Your comments are always appreciated!

@Mariam Thanks a bunch! :) Really? No way! OMG, I'm so happy to hear that! That makes me incredibly happy! I'm so excited to reply to your letter when I can and to start penpalling again. I'll definitely let you know when I move. Oh and about my's not working :P Hasn't been working in months because it says I have "low internet connection" when I don't. I hope when I move, it'll work because I miss kik :(

Mariam said...

Aww haha that makes me so happy too! Oh well perhaps you could email me on (:



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