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 〮〮〮Deborah FROM THE UK  〮〮〮✈

A week ago (or so), I received a birthday card from the UK. I love the little bear on cute! I actually don't celebrate my birthday though, but it's the thought that counted! Some people knew when my birthday was and some people didn't. If you sent something for my birthday, that's totally alright as you didn't know :-) Also, some of my friends think that now that I'm 18, I can go partying, lol. But I won't! I'm not the party kind of girl. In my bio, I mentioned I'm not your average, typical teenager, adult, whatever you want to call me. Also, I'm not sure if an 18 year old can drink according to the US law. But you know how that goes, lol! Anyways, I don't drink or smoke and don't plan to. Why? Well, it's mostly a religious thing and I just rather not do those things. It's jut not cool to me  not worth it. Anyways, back to the card- Deborah did have a sweet message written on the card, which I enjoyed reading, aww! :) I look forward to corresponding via mail with ya, Deborah!

 〮〮〮Happy Postal Traveling!  〮〮〮


Anonymous said...

Masha'Allah :)
God bless you!

Your friend Emaa from instagram



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