Fancy Smancy Mail-

Yesterday was quite the mail day- three lovely pieces of mail! 
Here is the second one from the pile...


Thank you very much, Ara! I just love the way you made this letter look fancy and all! Just so lovely and elegant! :) And thank you very much for the beautiful card! Oh by the way, Ara has an Etsy shop and if you guys love paper goodies,  I suggest you have a look- 

It's kind of funny because everyone has been asking when my birthday is, ha-ha. Some people know and some don't. So for those of you who are curious, my 18th birthday is actually tomorrow (November 3). I didn't want to make a big fuss about because I actually don't celebrate birthdays. "What, Yasmeen, you don't celebrate birthdays? What a party pooper!" Lol, I use to celebrate them until I found out recently that birthdays are actually conisdered a "religious holiday". Did you guys know that? I had no idea! Birthdays are considered to be a pagan holiday. You know how we have birthday cakes and put candles on it and then make a wish? Well being that the birthday cake is usually circular in shape, this represents the moon goddess being that the moon is round. Now- the candles you put on the cake, represent the light on the moon. So in reality (from what I understand), birthdays are days of worshipping this moon goddess. Therefore, since it is a religious holiday (under a religion I don't follow), I don't celebrate it. I don't have a lot of knowledge on this topic and some things I have already forgotten, but this is the research I have conducted from reading books (and some books that were actually written by pagan authors). You can read more on this particular topic and much more in the book "An Uncommon History of Common Things" by Bethanne Patrick. It's quite an interesting book and I highly recommend you take a look at it! Or if you want to know something from there, perhaps we can discuss it via snail mail or email :) Anyways I do admit- I miss getting gifts and all, who doesn't? Though I would perfer you don't send me any birthday gifts, we can still send little friendship gifts :) P.S. If you already sent me something for my birthday, please don't worry. That's totally alright! :) I love all gifts and surprises! xoxo

 〮〮〮Happy Postal Traveling, y'all!  〮〮〮


lipton|TEE said...

What a lovely little card. I hope you don't mind me saying Happy Birthday. My birthday is in November too (Nov. 11) - I do celebrate my birthday but I never knew that it was a "religious holiday." I guess you learn something new everyday - you are very smart Yasmeen.

Mariska said...


Tari said...

I didn't know birthdays were considered as a religious holiday! :O That's shocking! But interesting :)

sammybongo said...

Happy late birthday. I am glad you got a really lovely sweet letter.



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