Hello Kitty Goodies from Michaels-

So I've seen and heard about there being some Hello Kitty goodies at Michaels but only for a limited time. Once I saw the photos of what Hello Kitty items people got from there, I was just dying to go buy some myself. I didn't go to Michaels until today because Michaels is a quite a drive from where I live and I kept questioning rather or not our Michaels would have these items or not. Well, I found some there and look what I got-

a Hello Kitty airmail washi tape and a Hello Kitty Par Avion Smashbook! There were some other Hello Kitty things too, such as stickers/labels, 3 different Hello Kitty designs of smashbooks, mini journals, scrapbook paper, stamper, and more washi tape. I did also get the scrapbook paper/die cut outs and Hello Kitty date stamper, which I'll have to show you guys photos of soon. Though I must admit, these items were a bit costly. Most of the Hello Kitty items were $2.99 (or maybe $3.99) and up! But I just knew I had to get these...they're just too cute with this airmail design and they're limited. Wish they were cheaper though, but I don't think I regret getting these! :p


lipton|TEE said...

I bought these same things too! I got the die cut papers and the paper pad and the clips along with the SMASH book and the washi tape. I"m tempted to go back and get another paper pad though because I know I'll be sad once I run out of the paper lol

sammybongo said...

I seen the Hello Kitty Kitty stuff at my Michaels too. I really wanted super super bad big time. I just did\don't have the money too waaaaaaaaaa.



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