Where I keep my mail-

 Photography time!! 

So I thought I would show you all where I keep and store all my lovely mail and here it is-

it's a tin container I got from Ross this week for sale at $4.99. Right when I saw, I just knew I had to get it. It's such a lovely vintage-like container and I thought it would be cute to keep my letters in! :) I'm so happy with it (can't you tell from all the photos? Ha-ha)! Now where I keep my parcels, thick letters, and children books in different langauges is in this big Paris Eiffel Tower box I have in my room by my bed. I forgot to take a pic of it, so next time, I'll have to show it to you guys. But here are my lovely boxes that I keep my other letters and scrapbook papers in--

And yes- that pile of letters right above is OUTGOING...woohoo! Working on a latte of letters, ha-ha! I've decided to wait to send all my letters all at once in December because I'll be moving then. I'm trying my best to get out as many letters as I can! I found out that my family and I will be moving on December 9th BUT the mover guys are coming to pack everything starting Tuesday. So to my lovely penpals out there, please bear with me! I'm trying to see if I can write back to all letters by this week because after that, I'll be busy helping pack and then having to unpack once we move (which will take FOREVER and I mean forever considering we have a lot of stuff). Just please bear with me! I truly, truly appreciate your patience! I know some of you have waited months and are probably annoyed with me because I keep saying I'll mail it this day and that day and I wind up taking months to actually mail it. It's not that I have a lot of penpals (or too many penpals that I'm a "penpal collector"). It's just I like to put in time and effort into each and every letter! I really don't like to rush, but in times like these, I sometimes have to. But I must admit sometimes I do even better when I rush, ha-ha! You should never expect a boring letter from me and hopefully, you never will. So about moving-- I will be moving soon as I mentioned just now and earlier. If I haven't sent you my new address yet, no worries, I'm still trying to email everyone. If you need my new address right away, please let me know. You can email me here: once-upon-a-letter@hotmail.com or leave a comment here. I know some of you may have a letter/swap/etc ready for me, but please wait to send it to my new address. If you have already sent something, that's alright because the mail should be forward to my new place. Also, if any of my penpals have also moved and have a new address, please email me your new address because I'll try to mail out all letters in December. Thank you all so very much once again for everything! You guys mean the world to me! :) Hope we'll stay in touch soon! /div>


Tari said...

You have such beautiful boxes to store your mail! And what an outgoing pile, too! I wish mine was as high, since many of my pals are awaiting a letter from me, too.



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