Bonjour! Enchante, Emilie!-

 〮〮〮 Emilie FROM France 〮〮〮✈



   〮〮〮Happy Postal Traveling!  〮〮〮


sammybongo said...

Wow very colorful letter. I love how well done it is. Also the small heart is super cute.

Emilie Gonzales said...

Thanks for sharing my mail Yasmeen !
I'm so glad you like it ~

Yasmeen said...

@sammybongo Thank you! :) It definitely was! It's full of color and kawaii-ness!

@Emilie Gonzales You're so welcome! It was my pleasure to share it here on my blog. I enjoyed your mail...xoxo! :)

Elizabeth Murguía said...

Super cute blog! I follow you now :)

Rachel said...

I just looked through a bunch of your posts--you receive so many beautiful things! You are so lucky! I'm glad you found my blog so I could find yours, x

Yasmeen said...

@Elizabteh Murguia Thank you so much! :) You got a pretty neat blog too and so you can definitely count me as your new follower.

@Rachel Aww, why thank you!:) I appreciate your comment/compliment! I'm happy with all that I receive. And I love your blog too. So lovely!



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" The envelope, self-sealed in a
meticulous way with wax, monogrammed
engraved so beautifully on the back...I treasure
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- "I Have His Letters Still" by Ray Brown