Postal-delay & mail from the UK!!

Hello, my little postal lovelies! :)

I hope your day is full of sunshine, love, and most of all- postal goodness!! 

So what have I been up to? Well...I know it's been too long since I have been posting and writing letters. Unfortunately, it's been awhile for everything! I haven't been blogging, Instagraming, etc. as much. The only places where I've been most frequently on are Pinterest and Youtube for a few reasons- research for my uni studies, recipes to bake (I need food for this belly!), and a little free time. And I'm sure I have gotten lots of emails from you all wondering what's going on. Can you guess? I'll tell you- it's online uni. Ever since I have been attending online uni, I have been busier than ever. I feel like I hardly have time to do my favorite hobbies anymore...boohoo :-( Never would I have thought online uni would be like this, but I know in the end, it will do me so good (plus, I enjoy the classes).

I have been behind with uni studies since I have been sick on and off and other drama-o-rama, so I'll definitely need to catch up with those studies. Then I'm also preparing for the holidays- month of Ramadan (which starts on Monday) & Eid ul-Fitr in August, and then finals (also in August). Yup, lots of exciting stuff going on (except for finals, of course)!!

For next semester's fall courses, I'm going to try to take less classes, so I have more time to do everything. I still have lots of blog posts to upload here and some letters that need to be written. Please bear with me!! I think I found myself in a lot of craziness, lol, and now I find myself trying to juggle too much all at once. The only problem is- well, I'm not a well-performed juggler, so it may take time for me to adjust and get everything running and working again. I miss posting and writing letters and most of all, getting mail! Hopefully, I can start those again very soon. I have written a few letters already. I miss you all and I am extremely sorry for having you guys wait more than an eternity for letters :( I know how much you're burning inside waiting on my letter. You all have been way too patient and I cannot thank you enough...xoxo. I hope once I start writing more again, my letters to you all will be worth it and make up for everything! :) By the way, in my letters I also explain the reason behind my delayed response.

I think I'll end here for now, but before I do that, let me share some mail I received awhile back (I still have some mail from months ago that I haven't posted here):

 -- Natalie from the UK--✈


 A Little Postal Gratitude  >> Thank you very much, Natalie, for all the coins and your long letter! It was so nice of you to help add on to my coin collection! :) 

More Postal Gratitude  >> And thank you to all those who have been following and stopping by! Love you all so much! <3 So if you have a mail blog or any nice blog in general that you would like me to have a look at, feel free to post in the comments and I'll be happy to check it out :)

To keep you posted >> As for you all- take care. For the newbies and my mail fans here, thank you all so much for stopping by, following, and leaving your generous comments :) A few people have nominated me for the Liebster Award from what I have read in the comments (thank you so very much) and I'd be happy to do a post for that soon once I'm caught up with everything. Take care and enjoy your weekend ahead! P.S. If you have a mail blog or any nice blog in general, feel free to post about it in the comments below and I'd be happy to check it out. As for all those waiting for my mail, please refer to the post above, thank you.


 -- Happy Postal Traveling!  --


lipton|TEE said...

Good luck with your studies and get back at pen paling/blogging/etc when you can!

Yasmeen said...

@lipton|TEE hey! Thank you! :-) As a matter of fact, I just finished your letter a few days ago. Will mail it out ASAP! Thanks for being so patient & I apologize for the delay!

lipton|TEE said...

Yay! I'm excited to get it. I had taken a "break" from pen paling as well. I hate to say that some of my "penpals" had gotten mad at me and blocked me on instagram - no explanation or anything so I will surely not get mad at anyone without contacting them first. There is no need to get so impatient/upset because someone is busy.

Manu World said...


Yasmeen said...

@lipton|TEE I'm glad that my letter got to you!! :) I agree. I guess there are some penpals that are just impatient even after a day or two. As for my penpals, I can completely understand because they have waited soooo long for my letter. If I was them, I would be quite impatient too...even fed up because I would think after not receiving a letter in a long time that perhaps they stopped snail-mailing. I think my penpals are quite understanding though. Angry? Maybe, I don't see why they wouldn't be because a person's patience can only last so long before someone explodes, lol :P

Yasmeen said...

@Manu World Thanks! :)

sammybongo said...

Wow really cool coins amazing.



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