It's mail time...

 -- Evangeline from Singapore--✈

 A Little Postal Gratitude  >> Thanks so very much, Evangeline, for this parcel!! I apologize for having uploaded this post super late (I received this parcel in February) >.< I have lots of photos I still have left to upload from months ago...shame on me!! But I gotta say that I enjoyed all the little cute goodies and reading about "Chinese New Year". What a fun parcel this was!! xoxo

More Postal Gratitude  >> Thanks for all those who are still visiting and commenting!! Extra thanks to those who have been uberly patient and understanding. I know I can saying that I have been busy, but it's true. I'm not lying (although I do tend to say I'll mail a letter on such and such day and I never do, so for that I'm sorry. Instead of saying a specific date, from now I should just say I'll mail it asap). Of course, I'm not busy 24/7 but with studies it has kept me pretty occupied. Since the new semester will start soon, I need to start balancing my studies and my snail mail hobby because it's hard to focus on just studies alone and leave snail-mailing all together. 

To keep you posted >>Ramadan is over and it's time to improve myself and start a clean slate. On top of that finals are finally over...yay! You know what that means, right? Now I can get back to writing more letters (I already sent out a few way before the finals). I'll be having a break for 2 weeks until the fall semester starts, so I'll try my best to write as many letters as I can during this break (of course, I do want to take a few days just for myself to relax after having take these finals).

 I also have some belated Eid ul Fitr cards that I need to send out to my Muslim penpals. I was supposed to send them out before Eid so that you guys would have gotten them on Eid, but that didn't happen since finals came along...wahh! :( Anyways, I apologize for these cards being sent late & I hope those who celebrate Eid had a fun one. As for those who don't celebrate this holiday or don't know about it, you'll be getting a little brochure about it along with my letter. And no this brochure isn't to convert you or anything, lol- so don't go all bazinga!  I just thought I would give you all an insight of this holiday that I celebrate. I think that's the beauty of snail mail- being able to explore, share, and learn about different cultures, celebrations, and religions :)


 -- Happy Postal Traveling!  --


Yina Guerrero said...

Like always... amazing things and amazing pictures ^^

Yasmeen said...

@Yina Guerrero Thanks always for your lovely comments! So kind of you! :)

sammybongo said...

Wow Singapore has really pretty lovely stuff.



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