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 -- Yuria from Japan--✈



A Little Postal Gratitude  >> Thank you, Yuria, for some very kawaii mail! I love the Hello Kitty postage stamps...super adorable! I wish we had stamps as cute as those in the US. Perhaps maybe then the USPS would make more money if they had cuter stamps- just a theory of mine, ha-ha. But- once again thank you so much, Yuria. I enjoyed this mail full of kawaii goodness!! :) xoxo

       */ Side Note: I received this mail awhile ago as I've mentioned previously I have lots and lots 
                              of photos to upload of mail I received ages ago. So don't get freaked out thinking I'm getting a whole     

                              bunch  of new penpals in. No, not at all. This is mail from some time ago :) And no worries to my old 
                             penpals (I hate to use the word 'old', but I used it so you guys know what I mean), 
                            this is why I'll be posting outgoing mail posts soon. So make sure you keep an eye out here 
                            and in your mailbox.

More Postal Gratitude  >> Your comments and follows are always highly appreciated, thank you all!

To keep you posted >>  So as partially promised here is a new blog post; however, as you can tell it is not an outgoing mail post. Unfortunately, I was stupid enough to have forgotten to email my penpals (those to whom the letters are going to) earlier to check and make sure they still have the same address before I mailed them out. So I'm terribly sorry about that! I promise this is not an excuse...just a silly error I made on my part. Hopefully, I'll have the outgoing post on Monday because that should give enough time for my penpals to email their new address (if they have one). The letters are done, but I just want to check up on their address, so I can send them off and post about them on the same day. Sound good, guys? :) 

EDIT: Outgoing post will be posted on Friday...sorry! On Sunday, the electricity went off (autumn weather is here...yay!) and on Monday at the time I was supposed to be posting, my Nana called. Convenient, huh? Ha-ha! But I'm excited to post them and I hope my penpals will enjoy them.  I thought I did fairly well. I was seriously even thinking of writing a letter to myself, lol. Not trying to brag or anything **cough, cough**.  So my post will be up on Friday. I cannot promise that, but IF everything goes as scheduled- Friday it is. Let's hope nothing unexpected happens again!!

Just in case, you missed the previous post, what I'll be doing from now on is posting a new post up every Monday and Friday at 10:15am PST/ 7:15am EST / 17:15 GMT (I hope these time conversions are correct, lol) , so that you all know when to expect new blog posts :) 

Have a great weekend, guys! See you again on Monday...xoxo :)


 -- Happy Postal Traveling!  --


Emilie Gonzales said...

It's funny she sent you some stickers I've sent her and also the little twin star celo bag X)

Yasmeen said...

@Emilie Gonzales Oh, she did? >.< I'm sorry she did that!

sammybongo said...

Wow so much kawaii from Japan lucky lol.



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