~:~ Pretty Scraps ~:~

 -- Jenni from Finland--✈

A Little Postal Gratitude  >> Ohh, ohh, and ohh...thank you so much, Jenni, for these stationery goodies! I love pretty scrapbook papers, ephemera, and everything with doilies, typewriters, and vintage flowers! So it seems like you know me very well, hehe. Thanks again- xoxo! <3 You really are quite creative with your mail.

       */ Side Note: I received this mail awhile ago as I've mentioned previously I have lots and lots 
                          of photos to upload of mail I received ages ago. I know, shame on me!! But I'll try to 
                          write as many letters as I can. Uni just started, so now here comes the balancing of 
                         my schedule.

More Postal Gratitude  >> Your comments and follows are always highly appreciated, thank you all!

To keep you posted >> From now on, what I'll do is have a new post up every Monday and Friday, so that you all know when to expect new blog posts :) As for posting photos of my outgoing mail, you'll see those on my new blog date (this Friday). I have also been updating my blog here and there. You can check out the page "Penpal Sites" in my menu at the very top of my blog to see more updated snail mail blogs and stationery shops. I'm slowly updating it, so there's lots more to come :)

Until then, see you on Friday!  


 -- Happy Postal Traveling!  --


Yina Guerrero said...

Cute pics Yasmeen, if you want someday we could make a swap :D I love your blog.

Maya Floria Yasmin said...

Dear Yasmeen, i love your new header blog!! It's awesome :)

Yasmeen said...

@Yina Guerrero- Thank you always for your lovely comments, Yina! :-) Your comments always make me smile.

@Maya Floria Yasmin- Aww,thank you so very much, sis! I'm really happy to hear that you like it...xoxo :)

sammybongo said...

Wow Finland has amazing bright pretty old charming stuff.



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