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  Little Postal Gratitude

First, I want to give a big thank you to all my followers. I'm just one away from 100 (not that numbers matter- I'm just happy to see so many of you guys).

Also, thank you to all those who follow me elsewhere! I simply cannot express my gratitude enough. I swear every day I meet such amazing, lovely people (you know who you are) who leave sweet comments. Really what would I do without social networking? I use to think social networking was stupid, but I found that to be so false. There's cons to it, but there are also pros that I'm so happy to have discovered. I mean through there I have made great snail mail pals and met lovelies such as yourselves.

I love you all so much- each and every one of you mean so much to me! Know that I do not forget any of you. I know I say that a lot, but I mean it. I might forget to check my email, blog, or forget something I said/typed, but I always remember my penpals and Instagram friends. I wish I could give you all shout outs and just hug every one of you out there <3 Maybe I should start doing shout outs on my blog. What do you think? Leave your comment below and let me know :)

Secondly, time to post my outgoing mail. I know- I'm sorry for the awfully delayed post. I actually posted this blog post some time ago, but I guess it didn't go through since I did it via the mobile Blogger app. So I apologize especially to those who came to visit at the specific date and time I mentioned in my previous posts. Don't hate me, please!!  I loved making a schedule for my blog, but the only thing I have realized while doing this is that something winds up happening at those times. For one, it's been quite gloomy, so my pic quality has been horrible. This is why I tend to wait for a little more sunnier days (like today). But I'll try my best to stick on schedule, so I don't disappoint anyone. On a positive note, I hope you enjoy seeing my outgoing and I hope my penpals will enjoy getting it in their mailbox :) I didn't upload all my outgoing pics here yet, but I slowly will. However, if you want to see more of them, you can see them on my Instagram (username: unique_fotographique).

Note: Along with the reasons of uni and being busy (I have midterms coming soon), this is also why I take awhile (ok, maybe eternity) to mail out letters because I love to put effort into each and every letter. I'm always thinking of new creative ways or finding some via pinterest or YouTube. I don't really like to rush or be rushed. Also, I completely understand how long my penpals have waited, so I definitely wanted to make these special to hopefully show my thanks for them being super patient. None of you have been forgotten nor have I lost any of y'all letters. I have all my letters in my pretty little container  in the corner of my room :) And actually when I'm not feeling good, I go back to that container and re-read them. So know that your letter is there to always cheer me up on those gloomy days :) I'll try to work on my outgoing, but I can't promise anyone a specific date as of now since I'll have midterms and a dentist appointment coming soon.  So I'll be sure to email my penpals to let them know when they can expect something from me. 


 -- Happy Postal Traveling!  --


Sarah said...

So happy to have discovered your adorable little blog. <3 These envelopes are the cutest creations and have most definitively inspired me. I'll be following from now on. xoxo

Yasmeen said...

Aww, why thank you! :) I'm happy that you found me, Sarah, because now I'm able to see your lovely blog. Surely your snail mail is cuter than mine! :0)

luciana said...

I love your snail mail: so inspiring and creative...Are so cuteee!!!

Yasmeen said...

Thank you so much, luciana! Your comment makes me so happy :) I also enjoy seeing your filofaxes and how creative you are with them!



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