// All the way from Guam //


 -- Korina from Guam --✈

A Little Postal Gratitude  >>  I almost forgot to post this letter I got awhile back from my lovely penpal, Korina, in Guam. Thank you, Korina, for your letter! I always enjoy reading them & I love the stationery- it has cute little cartoons and facts! :)

More Postal Gratitude  >> Thank you to all those who comment, like, and follow! :0)

To keep you posted >>I'm probably going to take a little break off Instagram, penpalling, etc for a little while because I really need to focus on my studies and all the other things in my life right now. 
I'll still update you guys here on my blog and on Instagram every now and then, so you guys know what's up. A lot of things have been running in my mind and I just need to think about my goals and ambitions in life. Oh and yes, for those who asked- I officially turned 19 yesterday. I feel so old, lol! I already dread the moment when I'll be 20...yikes! To me, it won't be just 20, it'll mean 10 years away from 30. Time just flies by too fast! Just gotta be thankful for every year we've been given and spend that time wisely :) So okey dokey, that's where I'll end off for today. I hope I didn't scare off anybody who's in their 20's or even older, ha-ha! Ignore my thoughts, I'm just one who makes a mountain out of a mole hill sometimes ;)

 -- Happy Postal Traveling!  --


Anonymous said...

Belated congratulations on your birthday! .)

sammybongo said...

Wow really nice.



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