Hello from Hong Kong!


 -- Sharon from Hong Kong--✈


A Little Postal Gratitude  >> ...and hello & a big thank you (and hug) to Sharon for this lovely mail! She's such a sweet person and I knew her mail would reflect exactly that. I swear I have the best penpals...friends in the whole world! Not because you guys send me mail (honest!), but because you guys bring happiness into my life and I cannot thank you enough for that. I might not be the best penpal, but you all are MY best penpals even if we haven't communicated that much through letters.

But yeah, I couldn't resist taking pictures of all the mail goodness, ha-ha! My penpals are all so creative and I really love seeing that in all your mail. And you guys say you aren't creative...pshh- that's hogwash! In fact, I'm nowhere near as creative as you guys, but I do try :)

More Postal Gratitude  >> Thanks for all the love & support from all the comments you guys leave here to the likes/comments on Instagram and on Pinterest! Love you all- xoxo :) It makes me so happy to connect with you guys and get to know my readers/followers! 

To keep you posted >> Once again, my apologises for haven't been posting anywhere (these recent posts that I'll be posting are still of mail I received awhile ago...so don't panic!). I was going to post a couple days ago, but since Friday was around the corner and since I do (or was supposed to) post every Friday, I decided to do it today. I was just going through some up's and down's lately with some personal family problems. I haven't really told anyone about it because I always felt like it was too personal and I didn't want to burden anyone with it. I guess I just needed to be alone and keep it to myself. So this is why you may see me disappear off Instagram or everywhere else.  I feel that this is my battle...my test in life and that whatever happens, happens for the best! As of now, everything is going okay, thank you all for asking and being so supportive...love you all from the bottom of my heart :) 

Now I have just been doing some exams and writing essays for my studies, so that has kept me quite occupied. I will have a break soon starting in late January and ending in February. So hopefully, I can pick up on some snail mail soon. I've been super behind now and still haven't sent even the Eid cards to my Muslim penpals with everything that's been going on. So to my Muslim penpals, you'll still get my Eid cards but it'll be a super delay (it's already been like a 3 month delay)...so sorry! :( Don't hate me! I swear I haven't forgotten any of my fellow penpals. Though I haven't written back anyone in a long time, that doesn't mean I have forgotten you. It just means I have been busy or just going through some problems. I think a lot of you think I have forgotten you or have gotten rid of you- NO!! I know it's hard to say trust me when I'm sure positive that  I have broken many promises already, but I DO mean it. I have all your letters in order all in my little tin container just waiting for my reply, so I haven't lost anyone's letters (I could never do that). And I'm sure there's probably been a whisper in the air of what a bad penpal I've been (I'll actually talk about this in my next post) or might think I'm a penpal collector (read my FAQ's here). I haven't even replied to my "new" penpals yet and I have already told them about my situation & that I was quite behind with what I have before they became my penpal and they understood that. It's not like I kept it a secret from them. I'm trying to write to those in order of which mail I have received first and I think that's only fair. So why did I get "new" penpals if I was going to take forever to reply because good friends are hard to find and so when I see someone as a potential friend, I hurry up and grab them...with the intention to reply back. My equation> good friends= good life and I honestly have choosen the right people thus so far as friends. I just now need the space to breathe and a calming, peaceful mind & surely, my hand will be up for writing again :) 

As for other exciting news, I'll post that soon on my other blog "The Diary of Yasmeen" since this blog is mainly about snail mail/penpals. "The Diary of Yasmeen" was originally called "Me, Myself, and Everything Else" and I decided it needed a change up. I need to start working on my blogs I have especially since they count for uni.

Oh and I'm sure my inbox/email is probably filled with lots of emails, so I'll definitely have to get around to checking those soon. But I did want to say that I did receive mail from the following lovely people- Dina, Ivanora, Ameera, Miranda, Linda, the Curious Nomad, and Be Old Fashioned. So a big thank you for all the love! :) It really just gives me that extra bit of happiness in my day!

 -- Happy Postal Traveling!  --


Emilie Gonzales said...

Are you still doing snail mail? because I sent you a letter but you never reply :'(

sammybongo said...

Wow really amazing.

Sarah said...

I sent you a parcel last week and hope that you'll like it. :)



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