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Yasmeen, where have you been?!  Here I am, I am!! Hope everyone has been doing good! I really did miss everyone's company & I miss posting here. It has been quite a long time since I have blogged here. I sincerely apologize for not having been updating here & for lagging behind on replying back to letters/swaps. So much has been going on in my life. I never updated y'all on this, but I'm happy to say that I now have a baby... brother. Haha, caught ya off guard for a moment, didn't I? I did post an ultrasound photo of him last year somewhere on my social media (which I'll post here as well) & someone thought I was the one having a baby... but I'm not nor did I have one, lol! He's my brother. He was born a completely natural birth at the midwife center on June 8th of 2014 (so that means he'll be 10 months old soon).

My mom originally wanted to name him 'Benyamin' & his middle name 'Yousef'', but my dad wanted to pick the name since my mom had named all my sisters & I. So it was decided that his name was going to be 'Yousef Benyamin ibn Munir'. Yousef, also known as Joseph in the Bible, is one of the Prophets in my Islamic faith. He was known to be the most handsome, most beautiful man known to mankind. Women would chop their hands off in awe of his beauty, haha. As for the his middle name, Benyamin, Benyamin was actually one of Yousef's brothers & lastly, ibn Munir, means Yousef is the son of Munir.

It's just been amazing to watch him grow & I always make time to play with him. He's been such a bundle of joy & can always put a smile on my face! It was definitely a moment to remember & was a beautiful experience to be there for my brother's birth. I have personally never seen a birth nor have I actually held a newborn. There hasn't been a baby in my family for a long time, so it was nice to have a new member to the family. On top of that, I always wanted a brother. When I was younger, I had wished I had an older brother, hoping that maybe someday my parents would adopt a boy older than me, haha. But now I got what I had dreamt for & I'm so happy and thankful for that :) Of course, he's not older than me as it's too late for that, but I've got a brother who I can watch learn & grow and that will be a fun journey. And who knows, maybe down the road whenever I get married & have kids of my own, they'll be close to my brother's age just like I'm close to my uncle's age & that will be quite fun.

Here's Yousef on the ultrasound a few months before he was born. When I first saw this, I was so happy especially for my mom because she always wanted more kids. Also, it's just blows my mind to know that there's a little person developing inside of another human. What can I say, biology & just the way the human body works has always been fascinating to me & that's why it's been one of my favorite subject to learn about.

This was taken on the night Yousef was born. No filter/effects!
 Honestly, it was such a peaceful, beautiful night. 

Here's one of Yousef's little outfits...aww!

So as you can somewhat see, life has been busy. I'm trying to juggle whatever happens in life...up's and the down's...trying to take care of myself (physically, spiritually, & emotionally), balancing online university, making sure I spend time with my family, etc. So I promise there's more to the whole "I'm busy" statement even though it may seem like an excuse (I do tend to procrastinate & be lazy at times, so that's two of my bad habits I need to get rid of), but I'm getting things organized & planned out. So to those who have stood by my side & understand everything, I sincerely appreciate your support & kind words. Thank y'all so much for leaving your comments & for your follows! The number of followers isn't a big deal to me, but it's exciting to build that friendship & connection with every one of you. That's what matters most to me :)

Now I'm trying to get back to everything with a fresh new start...a clean slate. Yep, that includes getting back to letter writing, blogging, Instagram-ing, & sticking to a schedule, so I can make time for everything (seriously, time goes by way too fast to get everything done in one day).

As far as blogging goes, that means a whole new life to this blog as well; thus, you can expect a new blog title, design, and website. It will no longer be "Little Postal Travels", but no worries- this blog will still remain a snail mail/letterwriting blog (I still have lots of photos of letters that I hadn't uploaded in ages & I definitely want to start posting up pics of my outgoing mail because yes, I still remember all my penpals & swappers). I also have lots more ideas coming up along with this blog, so that's something I look forward to showing you guys. I cannot tell y'all just yet. It'll be more of a surprise until I get to that point, but I will try and keep you guys updated as everything progresses.

At the moment, I'm just searching for a graphic designer/illustrator who can help me design the new blog banner I have in mind. I have always designed my own banners & pretty much all you see on my blog. However, this blog banner I have in mind requires some hand drawing skills, which I honestly lack. I usually try to do things with the tools I have accessible to me, but when it comes to hand drawing & Photoshop- I just don't have those tools, unfortunately. So if you happen to know someone who can be of help, please do feel free to leave a comment below or get in touch with me in any way (ie. email, Instagram, etc). Note that I don't have the money to pay for a graphic designer at the moment, but I will be happy to give you a shout out or mention your work on my blog and everywhere I can.




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