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 This page is to answer questions I'm sure may be wandering in your little curious mind:

--- What are my likes/dislikes?--- 

Likes- lace, doily, bags, rings, crafts, photos, parcels, Peter Pa
              collar, dresseskawaii, peppermint, maple lotions,  
              scarves, ribbons, snow globes, Paris, Cath Kidston, 
              pastel colors, globes, vintage, Moomins,  
              Jip en Janneke, Miffy, CheburaskaBabbelaars
              Hopjes, Thornton's Chocolate, Fazier Dumle 
              Chocolate... (check out my Pinterest for more)

    Dislikes- tattoos, piercings, skeletons/skulls, creepy stuff, pin-upsanything inappropriate 
                      (nudity, drugs, violence, etc), tea, Spongebob 
                       Squarepants, the Simpsons, licorice, veggies, 

--- What do I (Yasmeen) collect?---

 * Coins/banknotes

* Vintage/thrift store/flea market items 
(ie. hankies, pocketwatches,  jewelery, trinkets, 
brooches, ephemera, maps, tickets, etc)

* Incense Sticks

* Children books in different languages  

* Postage Stamps

* Photos (regular, printed on paper, or Polaroids)

* Craft Supplies/Stationery Goodies

* Tin Containers

* Journals, planners, traveling notebooks

* Anything postal/airmail-related

* Zines, quotes, poems!

--- Do you have to send mail via priority, registered, etc?--- 

I find that it's not necessary. So far, I have not known any mail here to be lost or to have not arrived. Oh wait, actually, there was a time where I didn't get any letters from my Brazilian penpal. She mailed a couple of letters to me when I lived in Virginia, but I never received them.  It wasn't my post office though because the post office in Virginia was very reliable when it came to mail. So I figured maybe the post in Brazil is slow. Though it usually takes anywhere from a week to a month for mail to arrive depending on where you live and how the post office is. However, I have noticed that mail from Russia, Thailand, Brazil, and China seem to take the longest time to arrive  ( at least a month or more depending on your post office). Other than that, I don't think extra money towards priority is worth it. I don't mind waiting a long time for mail. But if want to send it priority/express just to make sure it gets safe and arrives quickly, then you're more than welcome to!!

--- Do I (Yasmeen) send mail via registered?--- 

No, I actually don't. As far as I know, everybody seems to get my mail even if it may take an eternity. Therefore, I feel it's not necessary. Mail is more exciting when you have to wait for it, right?? :)

--- Do you have to send mail goodies in a box?--- 
No, if you're able to fit everything in an envelope or even a bubble wrapped envelope, use that instead of a box (maybe it'll even be cheaper for you, postage wise). But if you think everything won't fit in an envelope and/or maybe a box is cheaper, then you're feel to do so. Oh and even if you have to use a used envelope to save postage or whatever the case may be (i.e. ran out of new envelopes), feel free to do so. Whatever way is cheaper and suitable for you to use, please do so! You don't have to go all extravagant and I wouldn't want you wasting all your money on me. I don't judge an envelope by its cover rather I judge on the content inside! It's the effort and thought behind it that matters to me most of all :)

--- How many penpals do I have?--- 

My question to you: do you really want to know? Lol. Umm...well, I don't really pay attention to the quantity or number of penpals I have. I'm sure if you're bored to death, you can count the number of penpals I have by looking through all my blog posts. I'm not going for the world's record of getting the most penpals. Yes, I do tend to have lots of penpals though I know some who have way more than me (seriously!). But that doesn't matter! What matters is keeping in close contact with them and corresponding with them. Gaining new friendships around the world is the best thing ever. I would never want to lose that. My penpals are my only true friends. I don't have any other friends...honest! As a matter of fact, I enjoy just having penpals as friends :) Some may question how can I be a true, close friend with all of them or how do I even make time for them all. My answer well- yes, it is hard to stay in close touch with my penpals. And yes I do have a life and yes, I've been quite busy with my studies. This is why I may not always reply as quickly. I do my best to reply ASAP and I'll admit, I may not be the best of friends to have, but to me my penpals are the world :)

- You're probably just another penpal collector.

That depends. Now lately it may seem that I'm just making up a bunch of lame excuses (studies, sick, tough times, etc) all the time. Now I'm not always busy with studies as it always seems like. I'm sure you can see me fiddling around on Pinterest or Instagram, so you can tell that I do have some free time. With that said someone may question, why don't I write letters with this "free time" I have instead of spending it on Instagram, etc. Well, sometimes I'm not in a writing mood especially after studies because my studies consists of writing. Therefore, I do get a bit bored or tired from writing, so this is why I may not always write during this little time I have. But I do write here and there when I have the time. So in a way, I do sometimes spend my free time writing letters.
Some of you may also see that I have new penpals while I still haven't even written to you yet (I actually haven't gotten any new ones recently...just swappers only, so don't worry!). So I know what you're thinking...I'm a penpal collector- one who collects penpals for the sake of gifts and never writes back. No, no, and a big fat N-O. I'm not a penpal collector though it may seem that way. Yes, I have many many penpals but that doesn't make me a collector. I know there's such things as a postcard collector or a stamp collector, but these are referring to items people collect. I simply don't "collect" penpals as I would collect stamps, coins, and so forth. So to clear up any assumptions, I'm not a penpal collector.
**Read my answer to the other questions below and it'll also help answer this question further!**

--- Do I get penpals for the sake of gifts?--- 
WHAT?! Never!! I mean, I know we all love getting gifts...BUT I would never "use" a person just to get gifts. That wouldn't be very nice! I love receiving gifts as well as sending!! :) When someone sends me something, I always try to at least include something in return. It's just an act of kindness because I know my penpals spent their postage on me, so the least thing I can do is return the favor! :) Though it may take me forever to write back, that doesn't mean I'm sitting back collecting gifts from penpals. I actually have been working on a lot of letters (some I might rewrite because- I have more to say, what I said was outdated, or my handwriting/stationery got messed up).

--- Have I written back yet?--- 

I DO write back! The question is when will I write back- a day from now? Next month? Next year? Never? When? Well, that depends. Sometimes I'm in a writing mood and will write like 5 letters in a day or maybe more. Since March, I've been busier than ever with online university. Other days, I'm just lazy and sluggish to where I just want to relax (though I know that it's a bad excuse) and there may be some tough times.
I can also write during certain times of the week before my dad comes home because my dad doesn't like the idea of snail mail so much and let's face it, I'm a slow writer and tend to take time for each letter making it quite long. I do my best to write as soon as possible, but sometimes life just throws surprises here and there and then you expect something when you least expect it. Other times, I'm waiting for my mom to go out and get more postage stamps considering I don't have my driver's license. So I don't make up or try to make up any excuse. Whatever reason I give you is the truth. Though I do admit, sometimes I'll say that I'll mail a letter on such and such day and I happen to mail it weeks after :( So I do apologize if it seems like I'm a liar. I need to stop giving out a specific date and instead I'll just mail it whenever I can because I can't guaranteed a certain mail date, in case, something comes up and I'm unable to do so. 
Now as for letters that I may not have written back to in like forever ever (a year or so), you are probably waiting for another excuse of mine. Ready? Well, let me put it this way- 2012 was a crazy, busy year especially at the end. As you know, I moved a couple of months ago (5 to be exact), so the last couple of months in 2012 were quite hectic. A lot of things were going on in 2012 (though I say this about all past years). So it's been crazy...so many things I want to do and accomplish and so little time!! Time goes by too fast!!  Hopefully, this year will go smoother and I'll be more organized. So since I still have a couple letters from then that I never replied to, I still need to do so along with letters that I have already gotten recently. So yes, my letter writing pile has become huge now & I need to pick up on some replies to catch up. It's not that I have too many penpals. It's just the fact that I delayed some letters, so they just kept piling up. Once I catch up, it'll be a lot easier to stay more organized and such. I have letters already written here and there, I just have to finish them and/or rewrite them. Some I tend to want to send all at once instead of sending individually. Also, please if possible, try not to rush me! I know it has probably been ages since I have written to you and I understand what it's like waiting forever, but I promise- I have NOT forgotten any of you. Trust me! I have all my letters in one container so that way I know who I need to write to. Rushing me just makes me forget and actually makes me rush to get my letter out to you and so usually when I rush, the letter turns out to be sloppy. And I don't want to send you sloppy mail or short letters! I love to dedicate my time to make my letters look nice!! Just please bear with me. Again I highly appreciate your patience and I know that a person's patience can only last so long, lol. Just bear with me and I'll try to get my letter out to you asap!! Thank you!

--- Why do I have so many penpals?--- 

Because I don't have any friends (I mean outside my family). Since I've been home-schooled and moved, I don't have any friends. However, that's not a bad thing. At least, for me it isn't. I had friends for years from elementary school, middle school, and high school, but most of them, I do not even keep in touch with anymore. We all have changed and went our own ways and so I just prefer not to be in touch with them because I realize that the friendship I had with them was fake. When it comes to penpalling, I feel that friendship has a value and is worth something. So I consider my penpals as my friends!! They're the ones I feel closest to and are the best friends a girl could ever ask for! :) Love you guys...xoxo!

--- How long are your letters?--- 

My letters are usually quite long (minimum- 3 pages, maximum- 25 pages). I love to write long letters, hence, why I take a long time on each and every letter. And I love to also read long letters in reply :)

--- What do I send with your letters?--- 

That depends! Sometimes I base it on what you send me. If you sent me a few things, I'll send you a few things. If you sent me stickers, I'll probably send you stickers & so forth. I usually love to send little goodies! It just makes my day and feels good to give! I tend to send tea, small candy, stickers, bookmarks, crafty things I enjoy making, brochures, postcards, buttons.

--- I don't know what to write in the letter,
what should I write about?--- 
Easy- you can write about anything at all! Nothing in a letter bores me, so go ahead and ramble and make it as long as you like. The longer, the better! What does bore me is a very short letter (i.e. a paragraph long). But if you need something to write about, perhaps here are some "topics" to get you writing- yourself, your favorite hobbies, your family (any siblings? pets?), your favorite movies/tv shows, your favorite books/magazines, what are you studying in school, religion, politics, interesting facts, quotes, current events, conspiracy theories, history, anything at all.

--- Where are your penpals from?--- 

All over the globe- USA, Canada, Mexico, Hungary, South Africa, the UK, France, Poland, Russia,
Lithuania, Egypt, you name it. This is why my subtitle on my blog says "Travelling the world one letter at a time" because I find it amazing to be at home yet being able to travel the globe through a piece of paper (your letter) in my hands.

--- How old are your penpals?--- 

Anywhere from 13 years old- 40 years old.

--- Are you picky about ages when it comes to writing?--- 

No, not really. I use to be but not anymore. I've come to learn that friends can be of all ages and share experiences, advice, opinions, and whatnot.

--- Who's your favorite penpal?--- 

None! You all are my favorite! :) I can't just pick one and I don't like playing favorites.

What's your favorite piece of mail that you've received?

Again, I dislike picking favorites and I love all mail just as equally! They all bring me smiles and joy! I may say "many thanks" or similar for their mail here, but that doesn't mean I love that person's mail more. I just try to make my blog posts different than the usual "thank you".

I do appreciate all the mail I get rather it's just a letter or more than that.
 It really makes my day!! :)
Thanks to everyone who sends me mail!!




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- "I Have His Letters Still" by Ray Brown