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...and lots, lots more to come- don't worry!! :)

Note: If you know someone who has a mail blog (or if you have one), please feel free to share it in the comments below! I would love to check it out! :)


Ana Isabel Morais said...

Hi Yasmeen.

I have profile on swap-bot blog ;)

Have a great mail day ;D

Yasmeen said...

@Ana Isabel Morais

Hi Ana! Thanks for your comment and for your link! I checked it out and wow, you have an amazing profile! I love how you're all for organic and safe things! I'm the same way :) It's so cool to meet someone with interests like yours. Very interesting and exciting! Thanks again for sharing! And you too, also have a great mail day!

xoxo, Yasmeen

Yasmeen said...

@Ana Isabel Morais I don't have a Swapbot, so is there a way we can keep in touch via email? My email is

Ana Isabel Morais said...

:D Yes, of course! My e-mail is
If you want we can set up a swap ;)

Courtney Dyson said...

Hi! I just wanted to share my pen pal blog where anyone can find a pen pal. It's

xx Courtney



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